Custom Wedding Cake Topper FAQs

Custom Wedding Cake Topper FAQs

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If you work with me for a custom wedding cake topper, I'll go that extra mile to incorporate your wishes into your handmade topper. These figurine wedding cake toppers are perfect for every bride & groom who wants to showcase their geeky, nerdy, or cute side. They are made with wood and clay and can be kept as keepsakes. 

I can guide you with ideas and translate your personality and story into the design. This will result in a special and unique wedding cake topper just for your special day.


Visit my Pinterest Page to view all of my past work. All photos of toppers on my site are already sold and everything is MADE TO ORDER. If you have questions don’t hesitate to Message Me!

How it works 
Jessichu Creations | Imagine

Jessichu Creations | Imagine

Jessichu Creations | Imagine




  1. Request a quote and work with me to customize your topper
  2. Order your topper & fill-out the customization form
  3. I'll create a sketch 1-2 weeks prior to starting your topper for your approval
  4. I create your topper. After creation, I'll send you a photo.
  5. Safely packed, the topper will be shipped
  6. You put it on your cake and everyone will "ooh" and "aah"


FAQs and Store Policies
How long until I get my cake topper? When should I order?
Every cake topper will be different. Typically it takes me 1-2 weeks to create one after your turn in the queue. The queue wait time is typically 3-4 months and you should plan to order before the queue time to avoid additional charges. I try my very best to ship it out the month before your wedding. Please contact me to see the time frame for your topper. Processing time in the listing will not be accurate. Only the time agreed in our conversation will have correct timing.


What characters can I choose when selecting a cake topper?
All of our toppers are custom made, so you can choose whatever characters you want. I will send you a form to gather all of your information and send you a sketch when I start on your topper for approval. I cannot / will not replicate toppers made by another competitor so please do not send me photos of their work. If you like their design more than mine, please be respectful to both parties and order from the original creator.


Can I change the hair color, eye color, skin tone, suit style... etc?
Basically, you can personalize almost any parts of the topper such as hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, suit color, add veils or glasses, etc. I will send you a form after you order to gather all your information. For more complicated changes, just ask me and I'll let you know if it's do-able. 


What's the size of the topper? What are they made out of?
Height: Approximately 3.5-4 inches tall

Weight: 7-9 oz

Base size: 3x4.5" rectangular base or 4.5" circular base (FLAT wooden platform)

Base is painted with food safe gloss

If the top layer of your cake is 4" or smaller, please let me know. I can send the topper without the base.

All toppers are made out of wood, clay, and paint. They are made to last as keepsakes after the wedding!


I just placed my order, now what?
First of all, THANK YOU! ♥ 

Make sure you message me to be placed in my queue and receive a the formal customization form so I can know exactly what you want for your topper. Please add all the details you told me about in our conversation onto the form since I will be referring to that only. 

I'll send you a sketch of the topper 1-2 weeks prior to when I start on the topper.


Regards to International Shipping
As of right now, I only accept international orders that are willing to use USPS or UPS. I will not refund your orders if they are lost and will not pay for reshipments. I strongly do not recommend USPS International First Class since it takes the longest, has no insurance, and overall the company is pretty rough with handling. Unfortunately, I cannot control how long customs will take and which package they will check. If it gets stuck in customs, it can take up to 45 days to pass. Please do not hold me accountable if shipping time exceeds your expectations. Buyers are responsible for tracking their own packages and contacting USPS or UPS for any issues after I ship including claiming for insurance. Buyers are also responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

If you would like to purchase your own shipping label for DHL or USPS and send me the PDF, you are more than welcome to do so; however, I charge $5 for packaging costs. If you would like an estimated cost, you may go on USPS or UPS website and test it out with the following info: original address 91723, CA, USA; estimated weight 1 lb; Package size 6x6x6"). UPS international can range anywhere from $30-100.


Which shipping method should I choose?
First of all, I would always recommend UPS over USPS for shipping within the US. Since UPS is a lot more reliable. However, it is really up to you on which method is more reliable for your area.

I recommend all my customers to select "Signature Confirmation" for their shipping method. Please make sure that someone is able to receive the package the day it is delivered. If the package is stolen, I will not be able to remake it. You would need to claim it with the postal service you selected. I have no control over delays at customs or the post office. Buyers are responsible for tracking their own packages and contacting USPS or UPS for any issues after I ship including claiming for insurance. All shipping methods come with $100 insurance.

Shipping days do not include weekends or US holidays and also do not include the time it takes to clear customs. US Domestic Time Frame (Business Days) UPS Ground: 3-7 days; USPS Priority: 2-3 days


Where is my order?
You can track in real-time your order once it has been shipped. The tracking number can be found in the order confirmation email you have received, or in your personal account.


My order arrived damaged!
Unfortunately, while I put extra care in the packaging, that can happen. If that's the case, please contact me directly through our original conversation. I will be happy to help you resolve your issues.

For all fixes, buyers are responsible for round trip shipping costs. You should also consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. I don’t guarantee that I will receive your returned item, so please track your own packages.


Return & Cancellations
All toppers are non-refundable once they are shipped. If you would like to cancel your topper order they are subjected to the following refund percentage:
♥ 95% refund within 7 days of purchase
♥ 85% refund within 1 month of purchase
♥ 75% refund after sketch is received but prior to starting
♥ No refund will be given after I start working on the topper.


Terms & Conditions
Every topper comes with ONE free sketch prior to me starting the creation process. You are allowed to make changes to your SKETCH after you receive it; however, I will charge extra if too many changes are made. I will send the sketch ONCE, even if changes are requested. So if you want the sketch to be correct, make sure you fill-in the form correctly. Be on the lookout for the sketch in the ORIGINAL form of contact (FB, Email, IG) 1-2 weeks prior to your ship date that I mentioned in our conversation. I will most likely NOT contact you until I start on the sketch. You MUST approve the sketch before I can start and changes cannot be made after approval or it may be subjected to a charge. If you do not respond to my message within 3 days after I send it, I cannot start and may result in a delay in your topper by shifting to my current queue time (usually 3 months later). Shifts in queue due to the postponement of customer's lack of response will be subjected to a $20 charge. This charge is due to the fact that the customer has accepted the original queue date thus making me unable to accept other orders AND I will be forced to accept 1 less order due to the customer taking up another spot in a further date.
I will be sending you photos of the finished topper BEFORE I ship out and you will have 3 days to approve before I ship it out (even if you do not respond to my message). Once approved, a coat with a slight gloss will be applied to seal it and changes cannot be made to the topper afterward. Please note that the coloring of each computer monitor/cell phone screen will vary slightly so the color of the sketch may vary. For example, skin tones might look too yellow or light. Please refer to my previous works on my website gallery for a better reference.

I cannot stress enough that you must read ALL instructions CAREFULLY and make sure that the form is filled correctly. Add all the details in prior conversations onto the formal form since I will be referring to the formal form only. I will NOT reread our conversation chain, so include all of your add-ons and details in the correct sections (Bride, Groom, Pets & Children, Add-ons). All info that is not on this form will automatically get disregarded and an extra charge may incur. I will not refund any items that you requested in the original conversation but decided not to add them any longer. So please reread the original conversation chain in order to make sure that you are not forgetting anything and fill-out this form correctly.
Customers are responsible for reading all instructions and making sure the information is correct. I reserve the right to not accept an order if the customer is not willing to cooperate

A balance will be sent to you if there are any changes made to the original quote or if you decide to do any add-ons that haven't been already purchased. Add-ons, upgrades, and items that have prices next to it will cost extra if you haven't already purchased it. Any items/requests what were not made in the original conversation might also incur a balance, please ask me before adding anything specific just in case I cannot make it. I will not start on any topper until the balance has been completely paid off.

Due to the huge volume of messages and orders received daily, I will not be able to answer inquiries as to the status of your order as that will only delay my ability to process orders timely. So please be patient and know I have not forgotten your order, but I am busy editing and creating orders, etc. I am the only one working on the topper during the entire process so please understand that it does take time and I do not enjoy rushing the process. Be aware of your own queue time by referring to our previous conversations or checking your status here

Facebook is the fastest way to reach me. 
I do not have a set hour of working, but be aware that I'm located in California, USA. I normally start responding to messages after 1 pm Pacific Time. If you do not receive a response from me within 48 hrs, please try reaching me again, sometimes, my phone notifications are wacky. I occasionally do not respond on the weekends. Any messages from now on, please try messaging me using the ORIGINAL conversation chain, especially emails. Please do not start a new email, otherwise, it's hard for me to refer back to previous details.

I take great pride in my work and it takes a vast amount of time for each one. Therefore, I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders to those who are not respectful and have demonstrated antagonistic, tumultuous or impolite behavior at any point during the process. I have found in the past that it's difficult to work with people I find offending. So it's now a part of my policy that orders will not be processed for those individuals I find that aren't a good fit/match. It's important to me that it's a pleasant process for all involved. I cannot / will not replicate toppers made by another competitor so please do not send me photos of their work. If you like their design more than mine, please be respectful to both parties and order from the original creator. Once an order has been canceled it cannot be reinstated.



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Family Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

♥ Add your children! ♥ 


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